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Office Building Unter den Linden/Friedrichstraße, Berlin

Münchener Rück
approx. 58.000 m2
Oliver Kühn

The new building of the lot at the corner of Unter den Linden and Friedrichstraße is close to one of the last open spaces along the length of Berlin’s grandiose boulevard.
Our urban development concept  is oriented toward the model of the compact and spatially complex European city, and is to restore the historic urban floor plan with four noble townhouses. The cubature of each building respects the stipulations provided by the surrounding buildings, and, in its dimensions, interprets the proportions and the parceling of the historic antecedents.
Four townhouses will stand side by side like sisters: similar, but not identical, like strong individuals whose relationship is to be demonstrated by the selection of materials and proportions.
The window design is uniform, of bronze and glass. The wall surfaces are crafted of light lava basalt and polished travertine. Each of the four houses is accessible separately, and functions in the urban context, and also legally, as an independent entity. However, the floor plans are designed to enable the combination of any two adjoining houses into functional units– or even all four of them together.
When building the structures on the lot, the existing courtyard structures and building edges of the neighboring buildings were taken up, and supplemented by two additional courtyards Friedrichstraße. The courtyards are generously dimensioned, bright and well lit, and each has its own individual design theme: “water”, “stone”, “green” and “light” in order to reinforce the individual character of the four townhouses.