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Multiversa-Arena, Wünsdorf

SGW Multiversa AG
approx. 18.000 m2
approx. 38,5 Mio. €
Georg Gewers

In Wünsdorf, on the periphery of Berlin, a new stadium is being constructed embedded in the surrounding landscape as a direct experience of movement. This “Sports Arena“ is a building constituent of the new Health, Sports and Science Park Wünsdorf and can hold up to 12.000 spectators. It is part of an ambitious conversion project aiming to give the former Soviet Headquarters a new function and identity.
The arena will host riding events as well as concerts. A pathway running around and into the arena is the central design idea. The visitor approaches from slightly below and follows the natural topographical course. This movement is continued well inside where a spiral-like pathway between the outer shell and the hall endows the construction with its characteristic shape. The visitor is in constant contact with the exterior.
A maximum amount of natural light and the many viewing angles and perspectives are further remarkable features of this bowl-shaped arena. A seemingly weightless large modular skylight roof made of wooden truss will span the dynamic concave hall. Wood and concrete, a tartan track and a scale-like façade made of round Eloxal shingles will add a different visual charm to the building. It is this look that will mark this arena as a particularly dynamic event within its environment.